12 September 2019 update is a major release of the game released on 12 September 2019. It added E-FFA gamemode.


  • Added E-FFA gamemode.
  • The map is significantly smaller (only 250x250 instead of the normal 400x400).
  • When you surround someone, their position is shown on the minimap.
  • You can't crash anymore to opponent's wall that are inside your territory (they are slightly dimmed out).
  • When you reach 60%, no new players will join.
  • When you reach 80%, all player's positions are shown on the minimap (they got a popup stating it). Killing a player when you have 80% prevents them from respawning.
  • When you die, you only lose territory in a certain radius around you (like in Teams).
  • When you die, you lose less XP but it's capped at level 32 (i.e you can't respawn at level 32, 31, 30, 29, or 28).
  • When you kill a player, you get XP (like in Teams).
  • Building is automatic while you maintain the build button down.
  • Tower visuals depends on its HP and max HP.
  • Opponent tower shields are deactivated when you approach them very close.
  • Towers can be upgraded when repaired.
  • There is a 10 second cooldown before you can repair towers that are damaged.
  • Superpower can be selected at level 16.
  • The clone moves in the same direction while you shoot and goes the opposite way when you stop shooting.
  • Shield superpower is replaced by a grenade. Watch out: it blasts towers (as in Defuse) but also players.
  • The first ever South America server is added to in E-FFA.
  • The South America server is the first server in to not spawn bots other than Teams and Defuse. until early 2022, bots now spawn in South America, and no longer spawn in Australia server.


This update was released exactly 1 year after the Trackpad update.