1v1 Lobby

1v1 is the fifth game mode that was added on December 7, 2021.

Players join the lobby, and they can choose who they want to challenge, the player then has to either accept, or reject the other players challenges.

When a player accepts someone's challenge, the two players are taken into an arena at level 32 and can select any of the 6 superpowers above. In the arena, the two players will have a 5-second countdown before they can move, however, players can still build, or shoot during the countdown. Like FFA and E-FFA, players spawn with any random color.

The player that wins earns 10 coins, while the player that loses earns 0 coins.

1v1 is the only game mode that players can copy-paste stuff into chat in the lobby. Players using a mobile device cannot chat in arena unless if a keyboard is physically connected into the mobile device.

1v1 upgrade bar

The upgrade bar in arena

You cannot upgrade tower health or shield in 1v1. The arena is surrounded with gray borderlines in a 32x32 map to prevent players from running away.

The death messages are different in 1v1.

If two players collide, the message will say: "(Player) and (Player)" stupidly collided, and none of the two players get coins. When a player wins the challenge, the message will say: "(Player) is victorious over (Player)" with the winner being victorious over the loser.

Due to a bug, a player could become glitched and stuck in a 1v1 lobby without being kicked or fought until Serial removes it.