31 January 2019 update is a major release of the game released on 31 January 2019. It changed many things.


  • Player stops moving when internet is temporary lost (to avoid crashing in walls) with informative popup.
  • Browser lag optimization for really big areas (eg 100%).
  • Fix some wrong score/area update when splitting/merging capturing areas (resulting for instance in negative scores).
  • Splitting areas don't remove points in teams, merging areas gives points to the player who created the biggest area (makes it easier to earn coins in TEAM).
  • Destroying towers now gives XP in FFA, shots on strong towers now gives XP for every hit.
  • Crashing into a line gives kills/points to the nearest player within a small circle (which radius = max wall length).
  • Clone superpower: clone now aims towards the cursor.
  • Stats recording are more reliable.
  • No ads on respawn for tournament games.
  • Show player colors on the leaderboard.
  • Minor UI improvements on the statistics page.
  • Flashbang does not flash teammates anymore.
  • Kill counter in informative (chat) messages.
  • Advices appearing for first-time players.
  • Fix: entering game when bomb is planted in DEFUSE should make player spectator.
  • Earn coins in DEFUSE mode: 5 coins per player kill and 1 coin every 10 towers destroyed.
  • Add kills, deaths and rounds won to DEFUSE buy screen.