6 September 2019 update is a major release of the game released on 6 September 2019. It made many changes.


  • The game URL now contains the server when you are in a game - you can share it to friends for them to join you.
  • Yellow color has been removed, replaced by purple in Teams.
  • Win screen has a surprise animation! Also shows your stats and a button to go back to homepage.
  • Minimap shows your lost territory blinking for a few seconds.
  • Fix: fast bullets can penetrate walls sometimes (e.g., defuse sniper).
  • Censor now applies to join and leave messages.
  • Last selected gamemode is saved.
  • Chat history has been limited to 10 messages.
  • Skin editor now supports tinted rotors.
  • New maps are opened earlier when players fail to spawn, and the map is full.
  • Network optimizations for crowded screens with shoots and buildings - should help for dense battles.
  • The stats screen shows your coin earnings.
  • Fixed multiple issues with tower shields so that they are now shown accurately (no more shown within captured areas + no more reset when you split an enclosed area).
  • New: Tower shields blast animation when shield is deactivated.
  • Tower shield duration has been lowered a bit in Teams.