The team Akatsuki are the winners of the s8 elite tournament playing under the color red. Akatsuki fought many harsh battles to take the season 8 win, introducing new strategies such as pincers, and old ones like duos to take massive territory from enemies. Considered one of the greatest teams of all time this is akatsuki!


Jet (1x szn winner)

M.S Cloak (1x szn winner)

Wolfhunter (4x szn winner)

Cyaintu (1x szn winner)

DF (1x szn winner)

Shooty (1x szn winner)

Mimes hey e (2x szn winner)

Iclimhigher (2x szn winner)

Dew (1x szn winner)

Chai (1x szn winner)

Nope (1x szn winner)

Kingaaron (1x szn winner)

G.x Mortagon (1x szn winner)

Pepsi (1x szn winner)

Carnage (1x szn winner)

Gosu (1x szn winner)

GoldenGoat (2x szn winner)

Funmup (2x szn winner)


Team red was one of the first original teams, with a long and in depth history of captains and contraversies. Captained by ANDYMAN from s5-s7 the captain stepped down and retired as a Captain and fully focused his efforts into being a TO and commentator. So now team red was left with very few players and needed rebuilding. The team DB experienced multiple captain changes s7 were planning on rebuilding during s8, but for undisclosed reasons were banned, leaving a team full of 12 players having nowhere to go. The core group of DB stuck together and were migrating looking for a team, but a unkown third party networked team red and DB to create a super team with a few other famous elite players. After multiple meetings in private vcs team red was chosen as the home of the super team (Akatsuki).

A troubling start

The first few elite games for akatsuki werent easy, the first game they had a 2nd place lead with a guranteed 5 points which wouldve put them in 2nd place were stolen from them by a CM player (Skor) who tp dug them the last few minutes of the game dropping red to 4th and moving CM to 2nd place. This game exposed multiple errors and flaws with Akatsukis strategy and leadership. A internal discourse was held and a decision in a change of leadership and strategy had occured. This resolving after game 3, because during game 4 akatsuki would finally see success..

A Elite team is born..

Game 4, was arguably one of Akatsukis greatest games and this helped pave the way to showcase their elite skill and future dominance of the elite tourrnaments. The game started red lime and sky holding the right side and orange dg and cm on the opposite. Red had no benefit to attacking sky ( which would unkowingly place sky in 3rd place giving them a chance to win the season) so red makes the genius tactical decsision to dig across the map to attack CM and Orange simuletaneously. Once dropping orange and cm they backed off to defend koth and tie for 2nd place.

With one of the greatest koth holds in history held by builders Cloak, Jet, Cyaintu, and Mimes this showed what red was truly capable of.

The upset

After Akatasuki got a firm foothold over the tournament and a dominat lead after a 35% Game through all the celebration this put a huge target on their back. The internal leadership of akatasuki were aware of this, Cloak argued that game 8 wouldnt have been that bad, and that it was possible only 1 team would attack us while orange got doubled by sky. Unfortunately, other teams had somethign else in mind. The first 25 minutes of game 8 red was competing with lime in first place, and if red finished this game with 6 pts they wouldve had secured the season. But at the 30 minute mark sky and cm began to attack red. Dropping them down below 20%. This wasnt terrible, as red predicted this and fortfied the top and bottom half of the base in prepration for teaming. Losing 5% every 10 min by the end of the gamr they shouldve finished 3rd or 4th giving them a slight advantage. Until a certain team wanted to make sure red was wiped this game. DG, dug across the map to attack red, this solidified reds fate and put them at .35% forcing them last place and tieing for first with sky.

Red wouldn't forget this game.

Game 11 tiebreaker

The end of the season was a 1v1 tiebreaker all teams were excited.