People in generally have three roles: the builder, the shooter, and the hybrid. This page will describe what builders, shooters, and hybrids are, how they're good for, and the ideal superpower that is compatible for those three roles.


Builders in are very common. It is one of's essential roles. Builders create and repair the forts to help their teammates. They may be used both aggressively and passively, depending on how you'd like to play. Here are the important points that you should use for the builder: Build distance, capable of building your walls close to you. Tower health, which makes your towers take multiple hits. Tower shield, which guards your walls from getting hit for a couple of seconds. Superpowers: Speed boost (Available in all modes), which speeds you up to build a flurry of walls. Grenade (Only in E-FFA and defuse. In defuse, grenade is referred as EMP), which breaks walls for other players to build.


Shooters in are very helpful. Shooters shoot the enemies with their bullets to kill players. They are generally for the aggressive type of players. It is the second role. Here are the main points that are for the shooter: Bullet speed, which makes your bullets further. Bullet range, which gives your bullets more range for them. Reload speed, which makes your bullets a whole lot faster. Superpowers: Dual fire, which doubles your bullets to break walls easier, and have a better chance of shooting something. Clone, which, if used professionally, can be used to make it as if your reload speed were doubled, or can be used to bypass your enemy's shield.


The last thing there is is the Hybrid. A hybrid is a shooter and builder merged together. Like the builder, the hybrid may be used aggressively and passively. The main hybrid points you would need are: Player speed, which makes your copter go faster. Reload speed, which makes your copter shoot faster. Tower shield, which guards your towers for bullets to bounce off of them. Tower health, which helps your towers take less damage. Superpowers: Speed boost, if you're on the builder side of the hybrid. Dual fire, if you're on the shooter side of the hybrid.