The Season 4 tournament has started February 29, 2020

This time there are no point system in this season, only the winner gets the glory in the match.

The first games objective is most percentage of the map. Pink was in the lead by taking over half the map. Sky Blue got completely deceased because they were sandwiched between red and orange team.

The second game was a King Of The Hill (KOTH) for short. The goal of this game was pretty simple, capture the box in the middle in order to win. Nobody won the game due to so many deaths and lag that forced 0 fps and internet loss

The third game was another most percentage game, pink won but barely by a few percent, if there was just two more percent for green they would have won.

The fourth game was another most percentage game this time orange won the match due to someone's death on the other team that caused them to be placed second, the team tha was second was sky blue. If they had won the game it would have been since season 1 game 3 sky blue has won, over a year!


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Game 4

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Game 8

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