The hardest elite tournament to ever exist was played in 2023-2024 which ended a 4 way 1v1 tiebreaker. Leading to a Red win and allowing them to possess arguably the greatest elite skin "The Night Phantom" which went to 14 playere having exclusive access to it.

Red won the tournament by out strategizing and outplaying each team each game. This showed during the final tournament when they fought one of the most OG teams which dates all the way back to season one, and top teams in season 8 and were predicted to coming close to winning or winning s8, Bloody orange.

But Red showed the world why Red won and not orange by mopping the floor with orange in a 1v1 by 15-0 (the only red death was a server disconnect from a top 3 hybrid wolfhunterr) and winning by over 8% in a split map (28% - 20%). After defeating orange Red would go on to fight cm. It was thought once a team had higher expansion in a 1v1 the game was set in stone, but again Red did the impossible and proved this wrong. Cm started with a huge lead 51% to 39%, Reds expansion was bested by CMs full 8 speed and other issues on Reds side. All hoped looked lost... until Red took the initiative and lunched a full scale attack on cms top half, and sent a deadly trio, the legendary M.S Cloak, who was accompanied by his esteemed duo DF who was a top 3 hybrid and another top 3 hybrid shooty who took huge percents from the bottom allowing the top kill squad to push territory.

the odds were looking in Reds favor, Red had gained 6% and cm had dropped down to 47%. Then the final push necessary was done by Chai who killed Two cm players a builder Zeno and a top 5 hybrid gamer which put Red significantly in the lead by 5%, throttling them to 51 and pushing cm down to 45%. This huge play is what won Red the game. A few more bumps and hills were rolled over but Red ended up dominating at the end leading to a season win by Red.