Some players have created their own YouTube channel! Serial, the developer created a channel called Defly io. It has 46.8k subscribers as of 7/8/2023. It mostly streams tournaments.

Below are the channels including Serial's channel ranked in subscriber count sections:

200k subscribers - 1M subscribers[]

50k subscribers - 100k subscribers[]

10k subscribers - 50k subscribers[]

200 subscribers - 1k subscribers[]

100 subscribers - 200 subscribers[]

50 subscribers - 100 subscribers[]

10 subscribers - 50 subscribers[]

0 subscribers - 10 subscribers[]

0 - 10 subscribers[]


There are also currently subscriber races between some of these channels going on. The channels are shown below:

Race to 250 subs:[]

Race to 200 subs (ended):[]

  • Mr Skill (220 subs) **Partial content
  • Orca B (183 subs)
  • Mr Skill has won against Orca B in this race

Fastest Growing channels:[]

  • FanTom - Speedy fast growing sub count 577 subs.
  • Reload - This channel is now at 141 subscribers and continuing to grow.
  • Mr Skill - Welp, you know what? A skillful player ain't afraid of scary players like The Feared. Mr Skill is faaast! Settle down here at 243 subscribers.
  • Official Defly Podcast - A channel that is almost like Defly io's second channel. This channel is growing fast recently and continuing to grow. The videos are usually elite tournaments.

- Honorable mentions: Defly io is sixth on the list and is the one we all honor

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