Defuse is the third game mode that was added on May 25, 2018. There are two teams with a maximum of eight players each, red, and blue. In this game mode, the teams have different objectives, which are shown below.

The red team's goal is to plant the bomb at either of the bomb spots before the 3-minute timer runs out. In order to plant the bomb, the player must stand still inside of the bomb spot for 5 seconds. Once the bomb is planted, the timer is set to 1 minute no matter how much time was left. If that one-minute timer runs out before blue team is able to defuse, the bomb will explode, destroying everything, except the black walls on the map, and red team will win.

Tip: The bomb is useful for getting kills, as it destroys all builds, no matter which team they are from or how much hp they have. You will have 5 seconds to kill enemy players between the time when the bomb explodes, and the round ends.

The goal of the blue team is either to stop red from planting before the timer runs out, to kill all of the red team players, or to defuse the bomb after red team plants it. If either of these things happen, then blue team will win. It takes 10 seconds to defuse the bomb, and you must stand still while defusing.

Before starting a round, players can choose between six different helicopters, and each one has different abilities and prices. You can also select some power ups, or superpowers as well.

Helicopter Price Abilities
Defuse Helicopter 1 free
Player speed __________
Bullet range __________
Bullet speed __________
Fire rate __________
Accuracy __________
Defuse Helicopter 2 $2000
Player speed __________
Bullet range __________
Bullet speed __________
Fire rate __________
Accuracy __________
Defuse Helicopter 3 $1000
Player speed __________
Bullet range __________
Bullet speed __________
Fire rate __________
Accuracy __________
Defuse Helicopter 4 $2000
Player speed __________
Bullet range __________
Bullet speed __________
Fire rate __________
Accuracy __________
Defuse Helicopter 5 $3000
Player speed __________
Bullet range __________
Bullet speed __________
Fire rate __________
Accuracy __________
Defuse Helicopter 6 $4000
Player speed __________
Bullet range __________
Bullet speed __________
Fire rate __________
Accuracy __________

As was mentioned before, there are rounds in this game mode. You will switch your team every five rounds.
In order to pay for the helicopter you choose, you can gain points for things that happen in a round:

Action Reward
Kill a player $500
Destroy a dot $10
Plant the bomb $1000
Defuse the bomb $4000
The bomb explodes (after you planted it) $2000
Your team loses a round. $1000

Those who joined the server will also get a bonus $1000 as starting money.

To win the game, you can either kill every player in the enemy team or plant/defuse the bomb. There are two bomb spots, "A", and "B" in every map, except Sector 4, which has only one bomb spot.
The goal of the red team is to plant the bomb in one of those two bomb spots and protect it for one minute, until it explodes. However, the goal of the blue team is to either defuse the bomb or protect the bomb spots until the end of the game. It can be planted/defused by staying still in a bomb spot for a few seconds. After the bomb is planted, the only way for blue to win is to defuse the bomb, even if all the players on the red team are dead.

After an update on April 29, 2019, seven new Defuse maps were added. On January 4, 2023, there were four new maps added, designed by players 𝔸spen, G.x Mortagan, and ⚚𝙳𝙴𝚆⚚. Due to a glitch, Fog of War, was removed from voting, then removed from the entire game to make space for newer maps. Every few rounds, a player can vote on which map to play on, and players would vote for this map by selecting one from a list of four. The map with the most votes would be played next.

Defuse Copter Descriptions[]


Nickname: Starter, basic


Speed, escaping and dodging shots made by Sniper, builds without tower health/shield, can equip many upgrades at once so is one, if not the only viable builder as if $6000 is achieved, many tower improvements can be gotten.


Low bullet speed, reload, and range

As the Default:

Don't try to kill players with a shield. Aim for AFK or trapped players to gain points to upgrade to another copter, or gain add-ons.

Against the Default:

Shotguns are the easiest way to kill the default copter, as it has superior range and shoots out 5 bullets. It is able to destroy the copter and it's shield in one shot, as well as being able to break tower health easily.

Defaults are easy kills for a sniper when trying to plant/defuse, with the sniper's high bullet speed and range combating the default's high player speed.

Drone, when used skillfully, can kill defaults with superior range and firepower.

If the default has a shield, you could miss, or just remove the shield as the copter runs, as it has the highest speed in the defuse gamemode. The machine gun copter can stay behind towers to overwhelm the default with it's high firepower.

Good builds:

  • Default [$0] + shield [$3000) + 2 grenades [$1000 + $1000] + $1000 extra (offense build)
  • Default [$0] + tower hp [$2000) + tower shield [$2000] (full builder)
  • Default [$0] + shield [$3000) + tower hp ($2000) + 1 grenade [$1000] (builder + backup grenade)
  • Default [$0] + build range [$3000] + [tower hp} [$2000] + grenade [$1000] (frontline builder)


  • Default [$0] + grenade [$1000] (general-purpose)
  • Default [$0] + shield [$3000] + tower hp [$2000] (frontline builder)
  • Default [$0] + shield [$3000] (frontline shooter, default is not very good for this purpose.)


Nickname: Boomstick

Strengths: Decent speed, great dodging, and good reload, is a good building-killer, especially with grenades, being able to keep good distance.

Weaknesses: Low bullet range, and attacks from snipers

As the Shotgun:

Being near a teammate sniper or reload, can help boost them, and you, as the sniper doesn't have high reload, but the reload and shotgun do. While the sniper protects you and the reload, the reload can destroy towers, and you can break into the base together, kill the other team, and plant/defuse/protect. Your good reload and slight bullet speed will also make you a good fighter, especially against cheap snipers, or machine guns that will hardly dodge your bullets.

Against the Shotgun:

Sniper is a killer for this copter, and can hide from the shotgun, and fire its fast and long-range bullets to kill the drone.

Good builds:

  • Shotgun [$2000] + 2 grenades [$1000 + $1000 = $2000] + tower health [$2000] (team player)
  • Shotgun [$2000] + shield [$3000] + grenade [$1000] (raider)


Nickname: Minigun

The drone is half the price of a mini-sniper

Strengths: Able to be combined with many upgrades and is generally great all around

Weaknesses: Low speed, mini-sniper, sniper

As the Drone:

The Drone costs $1000. That allows the player to equip a decent number of items. This copter possesses decent speed and reload, and good bullet speed.

Against the Drone

The Shotgun can be a good choice at close range by taking advantage of the better speed it has. At far range, sniper is the best option.

If you want more tips about these skins, check out the Defuse Roles Compilation page.

Good builds:

  • Drone [$1000] + shield [$3000] + grenade x2 [$2000] (aggressive)
  • Drone [$1000] + tower health [$2000] + build distance [$3000] (frontline builder)
  • Drone [$1000] + tower health [$2000] + grenades x2 [$2000] + $1000 extra (indecisive)


Nickname: Basic V2


Bullet range combined with a good reload speed, can be equipped with good building upgrades, many protective upgrades can be made so that this copter can last a while.

Weaknesses: Low speed, is more expensive than drone (which has similar stats) and can be easily overtaken by speedier opponents as well as sniper.

As the Mini-Sniper:

Try to get other copters like the default or drone to rush you, then potshot (quickscope) them for an easy kill. In addition to this, use its wall bounce capabilities to your advantage, and try to rush forwards on default copters to trap them in a corner, as many of them at once can be difficult to handle.

Against the Mini-Sniper:

Try to use shield and a copter with a higher firing rate to increase your chances of survival and try not to spam build as the mini-sniper's bullets can bounce off your builds and kill you.

Good builds:

  • Mini-Sniper [$2000] + shield [$3000] + 2 grenades [$1000 + $1000] (offense build)
  • Mini-Sniper [$2000] + tower hp [$2000] + build range [$2000] (full builder)
  • Mini-Sniper [$2000] + shield [$3000] + tower hp ($2000) (defensive)


  • Mini-Sniper [$2000] + grenade x2 [$2000] (general-purpose)
  • Mini-Sniper [$2000] + tower shield [$2000] + tower hp [$2000] (frontline builder, not good for this purpose)
  • Mini-Sniper [$2000] + shield [$3000] (frontline shooter)


contribute if you can.

Help needed: Adding more types of copters, strategies for them etc., plus map strategy according to team composition etc.


Below you can see the 8 defuse maps that you can play in. Additionally, it shows the copter looks in defuse. ---SOMEONE PLEASE UPDATE THIS--- Reason: New maps were added in 2023.


1.9 May 25, 2018
  • Added Defuse gamemode.
1.12 April 29, 2019
  • Added 7 new maps.
1.17 December 7, 2021
  • Removed Russia server.
1.18 January 4, 2023
  • Added 4 new maps.
  • Removed Fog of War entirely.