Mostly we know how common roles are in Covered in FFA, and Teams, but one more thing. What are the role compilations in Defuse? On this page, you will find out. Builder, Shooter, and Hybrid.


This paragraph will be covering the Builder role in Defuse. Builders are made to build. On the red team, they play defensive for their territory when trying to plant, and when they do plant, they will play defensive to keep the blue team from planting. On blue, you will have to play defensive, trying to make a big base before red comes and tries to plant. Builder tips are down below:

  • Upgrade your tower health, and 1/2 tower shield. Build range won't be necessary for this role. If you use it, you will have $3000 left. Sadly, the tower health and 1/2 tower shield both cost $4000 when together. So that is why tower health and 1/2 shield will be necessary.
  • Another strategy is to max out tower shield, and use tower health. The bullets can bounce off longer, and the health will take 3 hits, which is still pretty decent if necessary.


This paragraph will cover the Shooter role in Defuse. A shooters main job in defuse in shooting. When on red team, they try to play offensive, to kill the enemies to plant the bomb. On blue team, they play defensive and quite offensive, trying to kill those who try to plant the bomb. Shooter tips are down below:

  • Try using the drone skin in Defuse, along with the shield and 2/2 grenades. The drone skin is good because it has decent range, and decent fire rate. The shield will be useful, because you're going out to kill players, and if you try to kill, they might attack you a lot, and the shield will be useful to take one of those hits. The grenades will only be useful if you're trapped in a softlock or something.
  • Another decent way is to use the mini sniper (the basic copter for FFA), the shield, and one grenade. The mini sniper is useful because it has average fire rate, but the bullets go very far (why I call it the mini sniper.)


This final paragraph will talk about the Hybrid. However, like hybrids, defending and offense will work for this role, whether you plant and protect, or whether you play offensive and kill all the enemies. This is the easiest way to earn points (I think) anyways, here are some hybrid strategies in Defuse:

  • Upgrade tower health and use the mini sniper. The health is good for defense problems, and the mini sniper has good range effects.
  • Use the drone skin, tower health, and a shield. The drone skin has good fire rate, the tower health can help take a couple of hits, and the shield can protect you for your own defense.
  • Use the drone skin, one grenade, and tower health. This is maybe the most common strategy because it has a little bit of everything. Drone skin for shooting process, max tower health is good for defense, and the grenades are a tool that is helps if you want to break free from a softlock or break one, and a bunch of walls.

These may not all the ways to become hybrid. Feel free to comment some more ways, and feel free to add then to the page. Please make sure the role info is correct.