Dex was a competitive player from the UK. He previously played competitively for Pink Team, also known as Legends.


Dex first played back in April 2019 on EU Team servers with current Legends teammate gunny. After playing consistently for a month, he then only returned to play Defly sporadically for the next 6 months. He made his full return to Defly in November 2019, once again playing on EU teams servers.

Discord Drama

Dex joined the Defly Discord some weeks later, stirring up controversy in the community and attracting the attention of established players by joking that he was "Top 10". This lead to some arguments on the discord server and established players offering 1v1s. Dex would go on to win the vast majority of these and whilst still not popular on the Discord, had made a name for himself. He would go on to join 1v1 servers and private discord servers within the community.

Casa Verde

After becoming well known within the Defly discord community, Dex then tried to get himself on a competitive tournament team. Dex made the swap from EU servers to the more popular USE servers to attract attention from teams. Dex managed to earn himself a trial with Green Team, also known as Casa Verde. The trial happened on an EU Teams server with Calvin Sub and kTTY which his team promptly won, due to Dex single handedly wiped out the only other team on the server, however Dex was declined as he was unwilling to change from Teleport to Dual Shot. After joining a 1v1 server, vice captain Shadow was impressed with Dex's 1v1 capabilities and offered him another trial. This time he made the cut and joined Casa Verde. Dex wouldn't make a tourney appearance for Casa Verde however, as he would go on to join Legends only a month later.


Dex joined Legends in January 2020, the team he still plays for today. He attracted the attention of joint captain The Stoat after he and his team battled with Dex and gunny in a USE teams game. The Stoat then approached Dex to join Legends in late December.


Dex is now regarded by most players as being one of the top and most reliable Hybrid players in the game.

He has since retired, Although you do see him pop up occasionally in teams. With that being said though he did formally retire a day after finding out Madkate kicked him from the defly discord (Note from Dex - Not strictly true, whether or not I was kicked is unknown, however the server did just disappear from my server list one day).

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