E-FFA, also known as Experimental Free For All, is the fourth game mode that was added on September 12, 2019. It is very similar to FFA, but has these changes:

  1. Map is smaller, only 250x250 in size.
  2. Tower health display looks different.
  3. Superpower Grenade Replaces shield.
  4. When you surround someone, their position is shown on the minimap.
  5. You don't crash into the opponent's walls that are inside your territory.
  6. You are allowed to respawn, but death will destroy your towers in a large circle around your death position (depending on your level).
  7. You are allowed to select your superpower at level 16, not level 20.
  8. Building is automatic while you keep on pressing the build button.
  9. Opponent tower shields are deactivated when you approach them very close.
  10. There is a 10-second cool-down before you can repair towers that are damaged.
  11. No new players can spawn when you control 60% of the map.
  12. Bots can upgrade with levels unlike FFA bots.
  13. Killing Players gives you levels depending on their level, and how close they are to their walls.

Superpower Grenade[]


Grenade is a superpower that only exists in E-FFA. It automatically throws a grenade where the mouse cursor is at the moment shift is pressed. The grenade explodes a few seconds later and destroys everything around it (including opponents) except for you and your territory. It is easy for opponents just to quickly escape and not get hit by the grenade. Therefore, it’s wiser to use this superpower to destroy enemy territory, not to kill opponents.