FFA, also known as PvP, is one of the game modes in, and was the first one to be added.
As the name says, you are competing against everyone else for a spot at the top. You have to gain XP by building a large base, killing other players or destroying their towers, just like in Teams. To win, you need to control 80% of the map or more, which will stop your enemies from spawning. After that, you have to kill every remaining player without having the territory percentage fall below 80. If you die, you will keep half your XP (when respawning), but not your territory, all of you territory will be gone (different to eFFA).

Most other players on FFA are bots. When you see a lot of players using a unique pattern of it's building, you may find some bots.

You will gain a coin for every 100 points, even if you lose the points.

Current servers available are Australia, Asia East, US West & East, Europe, South America, and Russia.