Common Information[]

In the last few months our sources have uncovered more on Hive. But for the time being, lets just catch you up on what Hive is.

The time was around 3:00 am our reporting witness tells us. "There were about 15 players including me before they came. Of course I knew most of them were bots."

Then at 3:12 am they came, the Hive. "At first I thought it was just a big surge of players, or even bots, but then I realized it was more than that. Or at least I thought it was."

At 3:15 am there were 35 of them on the server, no more and no less. "When I realized that 20 new players had just joined in only a minute I was freaked, but at the same time I was trying to figure out if it was just a glitch."

The Hive had all reached the bottom left corner at 3:18 am. Now they would work their way up to the upper right corner. "When I noticed an entire line of players, completely uniform with military-like coordination, I knew it was the end."

The Hive all used teleport, it seems to give them an element of surprise. "When they first noticed me they destroyed my entire base. Then they killed me."

That was the only reported case of Hive that we know of. They arrived at 3:12 am and left at 3:32 am. The event happened on the Russia FFA server. Hive has remained a mystery ever since.

Now that your familiar to the Hive, lets discuss our new information. Since the day and month were unspecified we have no idea if this is a yearly or even monthly occurrence. But we did receive the report on April 23, 2019. We haven't heard from our reporting witness since then. The only difference from Hive and other clans is their size and coordination, another difference is their appearance as every Hive member has a bee skin. All Hive members have Hive as their username. We have uncovered what we think may be the biggest clue as to what Hive really is... We have reports of a clan in, and named Hive. The clan matches the description, as they're uniform and coordinated. But they always strike at around 3:00 am, at least according to our reporting witnesses... We even suspect that our reporting witnesses might just be one person, which could cause us to stop investigating entirely. But even if the Hive is just a hoax, it sure was a cool one.


If you have had a or have witnessed a Hive member, please put your experience below.

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realsniper: I’ve witnessed seeing the hive people in slither and mope io. I was playing at 3 a.m. one time on slither, then out of no where I see players with the name hive just killing and getting bigger. Then a weird thing happened they noticed me. so they started circling around me and I couldn’t get out until the #2 player came and killed some of the hive people. they were like in a formation and that player saved me from dying, I took a photo but sadly that photo was on my old phone which doesn’t work anymore. story: I was normally playing (I still play a bit) then hive people joined I thought they were bots so I just killed one bad mistake for the rest of the time I was there they followed me around the map and when I stopped moving they just circled me and when I kept moving they made way for me then a hive member (which was a eagle) grabs me and kills me, all of those photos were on my old phone... those are my experiences with the hive members. End of witness realsniper UPDATE: SAT 13 DEC 2020: I decided to see if I could find the “hive members” I only found one that joined my team in :teams RUSSIA 3015: I was just playing in Russia then one join and says my real irl name then they said they’ll haunt me 24/7.. they say ‘hello old friend’ I don’t remember being friends with them but they remember when they circled me in slither, then before they leave they say “Finish the task” then they just leave... I’m wordless