At the start, it may seem hard to play, but after some time, it will become easier. This guide will show you the basics of how to play. You can view a more detailed version of this here.


or the arrow keys to move around. Press
or right-click to build a dot, which is also called a “tower”. If you touch such a tower and move away, you will leave a trail which will become a wall if you build another tower. However, you cannot create a tower too close to another one. To claim an area as your territory, you must enclose it. It is claimed as soon as it is highlighted/filled in with your color. If an enemy shoots one of your towers, you can repair it by touching it and right-clicking or pressing
Left-click in order to shoot.


In PvP and Teams you have to destroy other bases, kill other players and build your own base. The goal is to get as much territory as possible. If you gain at least 80% of the map, nobody will be able to join the server anymore, and if you kill every remaining player, you will “win”. In Defuse you have to either stop the enemy team from planting a bomb or plant a bomb in their base.

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