Everyone wants to become a pro in the game they play a lot, right? Well, in this article, you will learn some tips for every gamemode to get better.

Here is also a discord server which has a comprehensive guide on how to become a top-level hybrid:


  1. Become mostly a builder, since building gets you XP and points quicker, and you have lots of defense against other people. You can even surround noobs or even other pros when you are a builder. And if you have any spare points, then use it on reload instead of speed. You want more to be able to destroy towers than to kill people, since you can surround people to kill them with your reload.
  2. You won't really need any superpower other than speed boost. Think of FFA. It's really not that crowded, unlike teams. So, you will need to be very fast to conquer more land and build all over it. Then, once you set foot somewhere, it's your land.
  3. Don't worry about killing. Always just stay in your towers against a shooter and quickly repair your towers. Wait them out. Then, you can use your reload to take down their towers, making them start building. Then, you come in. Don't be afraid, just dodge their bullets normally. Build all around to claim more territory. Do this process again and again, and then you will be able to get more land. Once you feel like it, you can try to surround the shooter. If people seem like noobs although they have lots of towers, then just surround them and kill them.


  1. Never, ever be in a team alone. It's better to be in a team with 5% of the map and many to full teammates than having 50% of the map and having few to no teammates. That way, you and your teammates can be full shooters and full builders and cooperate. Also, if you are by yourself with lots of land, you won’t be able to protect it, much less expand it. With many teammates, you will be able to expand and protect all of your land.
  2. Don't be afraid of crashing. Smoothly go in between walls and build. Most teams have good foundations, so if you want to clear a bit of their land, it's best to surround them, as the health and shield goes down.
  3. Being agile is good when you have a big territory. If you are really slow, you cannot help your teammates, run, or pick another spot to get experience. You always want to be as quick as possible. That's probably why player speed is something that goes into the builds of builders and shooters.
  4. You don't need full build distance. Having 4 or 6 blocks of it is fine, but having max just isn't what you need. You don't need it to be that far, you just need it to quickly surround you and build through you so that you can defend yourself and heal your towers.
  5. Take your time and get rid of towers. Full health towers aren't that big of a threat if there are no players there. Just destroy them and you will be fine.


  1. Don't get upgrades until you have what you want. It's best not to get any upgrades until you can spend it and get everything you want, because if you don't, then there is more chance you will die.
  2. When dealing with a sniper, you don't need to be very quick and agile. Once you see a bullet coming in, just build a bit and it will bounce of your towers or destroy it. They don't have good reload, so you could also just put yourself as bait, and once they finished shooting, you can advance a bit further.
  3. When being a sniper, you have to be quick with reflexes, because you need to be good at killing, or else you have nothing else you can show for. When shooting at noobs, you don't have to do much. Just shoot a bit more at their direction, and they will be gone. But when going against pros, you will need to shoot at the black walls instead of aiming at them, because they can dodge your bullets quick as lightning. What you want to do is to hit the walls, and when they don't expect it, it bounces back.
  4. If you are in blue team, you need to either be a sniper or a builder. This is because you want to defend. But as red team, it's best to either be shotgun or default. They are both very quick, and that's what you want to plant the bomb before the blue start defending.
  5. You want the other side to all aim for you. This is because if they are all aiming for you, you can quickly have some tricks like wall tricks, and they will be walled and die. The last hardcore ones, it's likely you have to go for speed. Sometimes people think when a sniper shoots, you have to dodge the other direction, but that's not true. You have to go right next to it, so that you can avoid the next shot. I have seen lots of people die because a sniper shot in one direction, so they went to the other, and the sniper's next shot was there.
  6. NEVER GET SURROUNDED. If your team is starting to lose, it's best to run if you are red or blue. You don't want to die when bullets are raining at you. You want to wait until everyone is gone and they are trying to find you at your spawn point or just far away from you, and you secretly defuse.


  1. Don't spam build in the arena, it's annoying for most players, and they might reject your challenge the next time you want to challenge them.