The term "Hybrid" in means that you have both shooting and building stats. Here are some simple examples of hybrid build: (The numbers from left to right are: Player Speed, Bullet Speed, Bullet Range, Reload Speed, Build Range, Tower Shield, Tower Heath) 4628048, 6828048, 4727048, 4848008, etc. A good start to a hybrid includes first getting full Reload Speed and Tower Health. There are also 2 different kinds of Hybrids: A Shooter Hybrid and a Builder Hybrid. A Shooter Hybrid will have more shooting upgrades but can still build. So that means a Builder Hybrid will have more building upgrades but can still shoot well. If you are having trouble picking what hybrid build to use, then just go with what you work best with and enjoy.

Finger Dancing[]

One of the most important skills that hybrids should have is the "Finger Dance". This is the alternation of clicks from right to left on your mouse. Doing this will help you build and shoot at the same time, which is a big advantage when taking area. Something that may help you time the clicks at the right time is using a metronome with around 180 bpm.

Bullet Stacking[]

Bullet Stacking is when you move forward while shooting. The movement makes bullets become closer together which "stacks" them. This a great way to kill builders. Another thing that goes along with this is recognizing the shield cycles. Shield cycles is constant rate that the shields turn on and off. You should try to time your bullet stacks with the shield rate, for example you should back up when the shields turn on and stack you bullets forward when the shields turn off. This puts a lot of pressure on opposing builder because they have to constantly fend off multiple bullets at one time.

Timed Clicks[]

Timing your clicks is a really simple skill that will make you a much better hybrid. This is just the length between your towers. You want to build short lines because it helps your area taking and base development. To do this just start using a metronome with around 170 bpm, just right click when you hear the beat come on. This skill will develop quickly, eventually you will have muscle memory for it.


If you are looking to develop your hybrid skills even farther, I would encourage you to watch Dex's tutorials on his channel, he goes into detail on many skills that weren't mentioned here

A few other tips that I would like to mention, first being trying to always have a good builder to fight alongside you. This will develop your mechanics and help you be focused on killing rather than staying alive. Another tip is to always have a plan in mind. For example, if you see that your corner is getting destroyed and there is a way to cut off the enemy team from their escape route, then cut if off and trying to kill the opposing team in a smaller area, this puts pressure on them.