Team Legends, formerly known as Team Pink during Season 1, was a tournament team which had successfully won every Tournament season up to Season 4.

Many of the teams players were well known outside of their respective team for their independent achievements and strong game play styles.

Having won every every elite Tournament season to date they were the only team to hold the limited edition Tournament skins Ice Spiky Boi, Golden Scarab, the Night Death and the GodSkin(s)[are these official names?]. With Beepbop, The Stoat, HobzII and ROOT holding all four.

During June of 2020 the team disbanded.


Season 1[]

At the beginning 'OG' members of the community and the best players were called into a group chat by Serial and the Tournament Organiser Harry, six players were chosen to be captains (but were not named as captains because this was a concept not introduced until later on in the season). These six players were asked to put their names next to a team color. Beepbop being one of these players, placed their name next to Team Pink, which was the start of the current team. Unteamer, ICE, Killbot and others were all present as part of the OG selection. Beepbop normally favoured team Sky Blue in normal team games, but because some other OG members of the community had expressed a distaste for the color Pink on a derogatory premise, this color was chosen to be championed.

Beepbop, was joined by HobzII, The Stoat and then ROOT. The original teams consisted of four established players, in addition to two new members of the community. One of these new members was Calvin Sub, who later in the season was removed from the team and would later become the Captain of Team Green, the current Casa Verde.

Team Pink was influential in establishing the early tournament gameplay meta of acquiring a lot of territory early, with strong defendable borders and expanding out from there.

Team Pink was successful in winning the tournament title for the first season of the tournament games. They were awarded the tournament exclusive Ice Spiky Boi Skin.[naming?]

Season 2[]

With the introduction of Captains and Vice Captains, Beepbop formally became the captain and The Stoat formally became the Vice Captain. Mandatory naming of teams also came into effect with Team Pink choosing 'Legends' as their title.

Season 02 was a more competitive season[according to whom?], with teams becoming more competent and professional in their approaches to the games[according to whom?].

Team Pink Legends again proved to be victorious, winning their second consecutive tournament title. They were awarded the tournament exclusive Golden Scarab Skin.[naming?]

Season 3[]

Season 03 was a highly competitive season[1], with a lot of out of game defly drama among teams.[']

The last game of the season was the deciding game on who would be victorious in the seasons overall victory. Team Blue had a much more favourable spawn point than their rival Team Pink Legends, and Team Blue were able to gain a lot more territory very early on which they reinforced heavily against Team Pink Legends advancement. Team Pink Legends knowing that the only way to achieve the win was to push against Teams Blue reinforcement hoping to break through continued on. With timing running out, and Team Blue slowly receding territory at a pace slow enough to prevent Team Pink Legends win. It was decided for Team Pinks builder [Kleinem] to Teleport into Team Blue's space and open some of it up from the far side to the frontline with the intention of decreasing Team Blue's percentage. The strategy relied upon Team Blue not of having the time to reinforce territory lines early on and for them being distracted on the current frontlines. With less then 1 minute before the close of the hour game, Team Blue had the highest percentage in the game and were set to win the season, but [Kleinem] opened up the Team Blue territory from the undefended, unreinforced side dropping Team Blue down to third place. Team Blue members rushed to close their territory, but it proved to be too late. As they did Team Pink Legends pushed through their un-occupied front lines and won the game.

This was Team Pink Legends, third consecutive tournament title. They were awarded the tournament exclusive Night Death Skin[naming?]



  • Beepbop
  • The Stoat
  • ROOT
  • HobzII
  • Evolveye
  • [Kleinem]
  • Bahoo Ug Tae
  • Sauer
  • \/ /\ ¦ /\/
  • WolfHunterr
  • Artimous
  • Tuluz
  • Dex
  • gunny
  • Fruityou
  • Djm
  • ˚∆˚
  • Stronger
  • Steve
  • blagoblag
  • Calvin Sub

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