A Nickname is the name of a player that is displayed to other players in-game. Nicknames may also appear on leaderboards and tournament statistics.

Premium players can enter a nickname they would like to reserve. Only one name can be reserved per account.

If a player has not entered a name, the default name of "Player" with a random number between 1 and 99 after the word "Player" will be used like for example, "Player69" or "Player13" have a 1% chance of appearing randomly. "Player" is a special name, as it cannot be claimed as a nickname with a premium account.

If a name contains certain words, including profanities or vulgar words, the name may not be visible to other players and will be turned into a blank name: "". As of 2023, there are a total of at least 490 censored words.[1]

Sometimes players do not want to be recognized, so they will not use their usual name. When a player uses the default "Player" name to remain unrecognizable, the player is referred to as a shark, a term most likely coined by team Legends. This is not too different from barcode names i.e. "|||||||||||" as are seen in high-level StarCraft play, which serve a similar purpose.

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