Original map is the first Defuse map ever implemented in It was introduced in the Defuse update which added the game mode.

The map contains two Bomb Spots and a few defendable choke points. The attacking team has three available routes to reach the Bomb Spots. With the middle route able to reach both A and B.

Due to the defending team spawning closer to the bomb spots it gives them a small head start, which they can use to build defenses.

Spot A is located in the top left side of the map and can be accessed from the right via the top lane, and two openings to the bottom, this gives both teams clear indication on where to concentrate fire or defenses.

Spot B is located in the bottom left side and can be accessed from the right via the bottom lane and middle lane and from the top and left. This spot has much more open area which makes for a variety of points to attack from. The right opening linked to the bottom lane can be blocked off by two towers placed behind the neutral walls. Decreasing the attacking team's options.