All of the purchasable skins as of March 1, 2020 (Insects not shown)

There are over eighty-three different player skins that are separated into different categories. They are called the following: Holidays, Helicopter, Drone, Gyrocopter, UFO, Space, Jet, Beast, Blades, Mythical, Insects, Premium, and Special. Most of them are designed by Beepbop , but some are made by Serial and other people in the skin design contest. 

Holiday skins .png

Holiday Skins are only purchasable during specific months. The only Holiday Skins consist of the Winter, Valentines Day, April Fools', Easter, New Years, Halloween, and the final holiday skins. The skins are purchasable around the time corresponding with their holiday, and the final is available year-round.

Helicopter, Drone, Gyrocopter, UFO, Space, Jet, Beast, Blades, Mythical, Crystals, and Insects, and skins are available for purchase any time of the year, but some the skins require the user to follow them or post about them on a third party site. As of right now, Special has only five skins, which are the tournament skins for each season of the defly tournament. The tournament skin is earned by winning a season, but can also be earned in other special event games. The Premium skin set is reserved for people with a premium defly account. There is a total of 135 skins (some special and only exist during certain events).

In each group, (excluding Special and Premium) there is a skin that can only be bought once all the other skins in the group have been bought.

There are 3 premium skin categories.

Creating skins

You can create skins via the skin editor, this editor is accessible via the "skin-editor" GET request: link.

A skin consists of a base and one or more rotors. Each component is a separate PNG image that is layered on top of each other to create a skin.

When you save a skin via the skin editor, it will be saved in a txt file. the txt contains a JSON format with all the data of every layer. PNG image data are saved in base64 format.

Testing the skin

Your new skin can be tested with the "Try it" option. This will only display your custom skin to yourself, other players will see the default skin.



  • Serial is known to have all the skins available in-game and out.
  • It is speculated that Beepbop also has all the skins available having created many, and being the Captain of Legends, meaning they have access to the first four tournament exclusive skins. This has not been confirmed though.
  • VAIN is the player that has been confirmed to hold the most amount of skins, missing only the season 02 exclusive tournament skin (VAIN acquired season 01 exclusive tournament skin through a special King of the Hill match).
  • There is a category of skins named the 'Creeper' skins, which includes seven skins, and are only available to play for free during special events. These skins main body are the size of a tower and when the ships are not in motion they become indistinguishable to a normal tower.
  • Another special event set of skins are the Star Wars inspired skins that are released for one day around unique Star War holidays.
  • Insect skins contain a Spider design skin, which is not an insect but has been included and categorised within that set regardless.
  • Only Beepbop, The Stoat, Hobz, and ROOT hold all of the tournament skins up to Season 4. (Casa Verde winning Season 5 along with The Smurfs winning Season 6 messed up them having ALL, and probably considered the legends were banned by Season 5.)