This page describes some of the player's behaviors


Campers are players that pretend to be AFK then when you get up close to shoot them they start firing to try and kill you. fortunately, you don't get exp from killing other players so they normally don't have upgrades and are easy kills if you know that they're camping.

Recently there has been a lot more campers on the servers. hopefully, they will die out soon and because they can be quite a nuisance.


Builders will normally be defensive and very rarely leave their base alone for long. if you destroy a large bit of a builders base they may make it their goal to kill you either cause they're salty or just want you to stop destroying their base. If you manage to get a Builder away from their base then they normally don't have many fighting upgrades so they can be killed easly as long as they don't start building.


Fighters will normally be offensive however some will build a base(normally no extra health or shield) since fighters have a lot of points invested in offensive skills it's hard to kill them normally meaning it's hard If you invested in some Builder skills you can build around the Fighter and close in until they run into a wall or you can start shooting at them while they're in a small circle.

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