This page describes some of the different types of players.[]


Campers are players that pretend to be AFK and wait for you to get up close, which they will then start to shoot at you hoping for a stray bullet to find your metal-plated body. Fortunately, they normally don't have upgrades and are easy kills.

Recently there has been a lot more campers on the servers. Hopefully, they will realize each other's presence, and start an all-out camper war, which will put most servers into chaos, and you will most likely find yourself in the middle of it.


Builders will normally be defensive and very rarely leave their base alone for long. If you start destroying (vandalizing) their base, you will most likely unlock a side of the builder you never thought possible (a bloodthirsty, war-waging side) and you will most certainly regret ever being in the same server as said builder. The end result is you being killed any number of times (usually the number has to do with how many towers you destroyed on said builders base). The killing will usually stop once the number is fulfilled. So be wary not to kill the builder or annoy it in any way, because if you do the builder will take this as threat and all of hell will be upon you. If you manage to get a builder away from their base, then they normally don't have many fighting upgrades so they can be killed easily as long as they don't start building.


Fighters will normally be offensive however some will build a base (normally no extra health or shield). Since fighters have a lot of points invested in offensive skills it's hard to kill them normally meaning it's hard If you invested in some Builder skills you can build around the Fighter and close in until they run into a wall, or you can start shooting at them while they're in a small circle. There are different species of Fighters, the most common of which is referred to as a 'Clueless' these will usually sit by the edge of their base and start shooting at their neighbors, or occasionally break into their neighbor's base and hollow it out. The usual cause of death for an average Clueless is crashing into walls while trying to avoid being shot by their angry neighbors. The most uncommon species of Fighter is yet to be found.


Trappers will normally be defensive and try make the whole map their base. This is usually achieved by said trapper building around the whole map while avoid other players. They will typically upgrade Player Speed and/or Tower Health. Trappers will also save most of their 'upgrade points'. It seems that this behavior comes in handy when/if said trapper takes over the whole map, this is because said trapper will go for an offensive approach and start picking off the 'trapped' players with upgrades like, Bullet Speed, and Reload Speed. Then your only chance to defeat said trapper is by committing an act of murder suicide (teleporting)... Or you can become a really good shot in the time that the trapper is busy killing other players (heading toward the edges of the map is not an option, this because the trapper will have surely reinforced the outer edges of the map... But no one said you couldn't try... right?)


Bots are also thought of as players with a terrible connection to the game as well as the outside world. But this is not the case. To put it simply, bots are adaptive. Thats all we know. The bots normally follow a method of shooting while moving in a circle. It also seems that the way they adapt might contribute to their seemingly random behavior. For example, if a bot got into a scenario where it killed a player by simply crashing into them, then said bot would use this 'method of elimination' to try and kill a player inside a base. The end result would be the bot crashing into a wall. The bot will go through a continuous cycle of trial and error. At some point in this cycle the bot will ascend to a higher level of understanding and use its bullets. Then the bot has to learn how to aim. You get the picture. Very rarely will a bot ever ascend past its understanding of bullets (because the number of bots allowed on the map changes rapidly which causes old bots to be overridden by new bots.) But if the bot ascends, it will start to develop its own preferences and habits. Of course, it takes off on the other players around it, studying and perfecting each attribute about you it finds useful. Once the bot has developed its personality it will ascend again... This time becoming 'complete'. This is where things get weird... 

There was once a case of an ascend 4 bot. When that bot ascended it became 'complete'. All we know about this bot is that it existed. But for the moment, the complete bot is everywhere. This is because it is complete, nothing more. To put it simply, bots are adaptive.

Teamers (FFA)[]

Seeing teamers on the wild and relatively tame lands of the FFA servers is quite special. Since there is an entire game mode dedicated to, well... Teams. You would think that there wouldn't be any teamers on an FFA server. There is the occasional case of 'Teamwork', which is a lovely experience indeed ('Teamwork' refers to times when you and a neighbor or another player nearby work together temporarily to fight off another player whom you both dislike the presence of). But Teamers are different... Their numbers range from 2 all the way up to 20. Teamers are always found around FFA or E-FFA servers (or they wouldn't be called Teamers). 

Teamers (2-3)

The most common case of teamers is when 2 or 3 seasoned players target a chosen server. They will most likely have the same skin; it seems this is for recognition. They will almost always use their upgrades in offensive style (Player Speed and Bullet upgrades). After a couple hours they get bored and start fighting each other.

Teamers (5-10)

In the case of a well-coordinated attack in a FFA server, there will most likely be 5 to 10 players. The experience of these players will differ greatly, this is because the less experienced players will follow the lead of their more experienced 'Teammates'. They will most likely regroup in a corner and then form a line in which a single player will see 1 of their teammates on each side of their screen. Due to the amount of coordination involved, most of the players will know each other as friends and have some sort of communication such as phones or other. They may even be in the same room as each other. The demise of these 'Teams' is always some sort of inside conflict which will result in mistrust, and everyone will eventually turn on each other.

Teamers (15-20)

Imagine one day you're having fun er-... Just pretend that one day you were having fun in an FFA server, when all of a sudden, a line of players suddenly teleports a few tiles from your base. In no time your entire base is obliterated, then they swiftly destroy you. This was the only reported case of a full-on military-coordinated-like strike on the Russia FFA server. The only reporting witness described the attack in incredible detail. The players all had bee skins as well as usernames that said Hive. It seems that the Hive teamers also used teleport in synchronized attacks that started from the lower right corner to the upper left corner. The most peculiar thing about this attack was that anyone who was killed by a Hive member couldn't view them after, according to the only reporting witness (wha-?). Whatever the case, it may have been a breach or maybe just a well-coordinated attack. Our sources will have more on the tiny clan of Hive soon... Hopefully. In the meantime, just be wary of Russia FFA servers in general ;)