Max score

The goal of every gamemode (mainly FFA and Teams, in Defuse they are useful to upgrade your copter) is to get points, but what use do they have?

  • FFA and E-FFA: You gain a single coin every 100 points you get.
  • Teams: You gain a single coin every 200 points you get.
  • Defuse: You gain 1$ Defuse money which you can use only in this gamemode with every single point you get. And you gain a single coin every 100 points you get.
  • 1v1: You gain 10 coins every time you win a match.

With “every x points”, the maximum score you got counts. If you lose points because of a territory loss, it does not affect your maximum score.

Points and XP for leveling up are completely different. There is no way to tell your exact number of XP besides your overall level and the progress on your XP bar.

Like mentioned above, you can gain points by claiming pieces of the map for yourself, but you can also get them by killing other players (a kill gives you 500 points) or destroying towers (a destroyed tower gives you 10 points). However, you will lose some of them when someone steals your territory or destroys your towers. You cannot lose points obtained from kills or destroyed towers.

Noob Building

Not a good way to build your territory

However, in FFA, building inside your own territory does not award any points, and making weak dots will create a weak point in your base, so try to avoid making towers your territory unless your they are upgraded.

Your points will also vanish if someone in your team builds a closed area inside the field you claimed, but it works the other way round as well – increase your score by making dots inside your teammates’ territory.

Therefore, the picture shown above shows you how to not build your towers. It is not only bad for Teams because your teammates could steal the points – it also takes only one bullet (or up to five if you have Tower Health upgraded) to destroy a large piece of land. Build more towers inside the area to decrease the chances of losing a lot of territory and decrease the amount of territory lost when a tower is destroyed.