This is a vault for the most used builds in teams. This page is still a work in progress. Feel free to add your own builds if you want.

Full Shooter:[]

Stats: 8888000

Superpower: Dual Fire

Gameplay: This is usually a very aggressive build, with max shooter stats, and max speed. This build is mostly for getting kills in large battles with lots of players. Building is completely pointless during 1v1s, which is why you will have to be good at dodging to use this build. Usually, this class is paired up with a full builder, or hybrid builder.


  • Can easily dig through most builds, even with max health and shield
  • Really powerful when teamed up with a person with build health


  • Usually relies on a builder to be good
  • Without good internet, fighting with this build will almost always get you killed
  • Using your builds as a shield while fighting against dual shot is useless, as it will block one bullet, and the other bullet will keep going

Full Builder:[]

Stats: 8002868

Superpower: Shield (Sometimes Flashbang or Teleport are used)

Gameplay: These are usually parts of large fights, building and rebuilding towers. Whenever they are not a part of large fights, they are usually digging and building through enemy bases either by themselves or with a shooter. The shield is used whenever they are in danger, or whenever they have to move out of their base to build.


  • Almost impossible to kill unless they are surrounded
  • Able to surround other people really quickly
  • Really good when paired with a shooter
  • Range allows them to rebuild towers from a safe distance and build outside their base while still being inside the base


  • Digging through bases alone can be really slow

Hybrid Hp Shooter[]

Stats: 2778008

Superpower: Dual Fire