Superpowers are special abilities that are granted to a player when they reach level 20 (or Level 16 in E-FFA.) They can be activated by pressing




and last for a few seconds before they need to be recharged. There are six unique powers and every player can choose the one they like most.

Dual Fire

Superpower Dual Fire.PNG

Dual Fire is the first superpower in the game and will allow you to fire two bullets side by side instead of one for ten seconds. Of course, this doubles your bullet damage as well. This power can be useful for clearing towers within your territory (it is extremely easy because they have no health and shield) or destroying enemy territory faster, especially if they have upgraded Tower Health and eventually Tower Shield. With Dual Fire activated, you can completely destroy the bases of others without spending a lot of time on it. It is also not hard to chase them since they cannot hide in their bases because of given reasons.

Recommended upgrades for this power are Player Speed (1), Bullet Speed (2), Bullet Range (3) and Reload Speed (4), which is called a Shooter.

Speed Boost

Superpower Speed Boost.PNG

Speed Boost is the second superpower in the game and you will temporarily gain super speed with it. It can be used for escaping enemies if they are stronger than you or chasing them if they try to run away from you. You can increase the speed of this power even more by spending upgrade points into Player Speed, but it is not necessary as you are already faster than everyone else when this power is active. Speed Boost can also be useful for moving around the map and building towers extremely fast, however, you have to be careful not to run into enemy territory as your helicopter may be hard to control with enhanced speed.

There are not really any recommendations for this because there are many ways to use it. If you want to chase other players, you can use Player Speed (1), Bullet Speed (2), Bullet Range (3) and Reload Speed (4). To create huge bases and to build towers very fast, the upgrade categories Build Distance (5), Tower Shield (6) and Tower Health (7), can be quite helpful. In the most cases, Hybrids (a mix of every upgrade category) are the best choice.


Superpower Clone.PNG

Clone is the third superpower in the game and will make a duplicate of your helicopter spawn beside you for a short time. It can be similar to Dual Fire as the number of bullets you can shoot will be doubled for a few seconds. However, your clone will move the opposite to the movement of your primary helicopter if you aren't shooting or building. Therefore, it is harder to shoot your bullets in the same direction unless you are a good shot. This ability can be helpful when trying to destroy towers faster or killing other people. You can confuse them with your two helicopters and finally kill them with the great number of bullets you can shoot. If your main helicopter dies but the clone is still alive, you will not respawn. It is better to take off your premium badge when using clone, mainly because your other clone will not have a premium badge. This will make it much easier to recognize which is the helicopter you are using.

Shooters probably have an advantage with the Clone since it is mainly used for confusing and killing enemies. Therefore, recommended upgrade categories are Player Speed (1), Bullet Speed (2), Bullet Range (3) and Reload Speed (4). However, just like with Speed Boost, a Hybrid might be even better for this power.


Superpower Shield.PNG

Shield is the fourth superpower in the game and gives your helicopter the ability to absorb a single bullet without being destroyed / dying. However, the protection is only temporary, and will wear off, even if you are not attacked. If you are not confident in your skill or new to the game (read this brief guide if you are not sure), it may be quite useful in battles. Most of the good players prefer other superpowers though since nothing else will actually be enhanced. A trick to use this ability is not to use it until you are at least 83% sure you are going to be hit by a bullet, and then activating it right before it touches your helicopter.

For this power Shooters are the best choice for confident players. Inexperienced players should use Hybrid upgrades, anyway.


Superpower Flashbang.PNG

Flashbang is the fifth superpower in the game. It allows you to launch a Stun grenade from your helicopter to the position of your mouse cursor. It forces the screens of other players (and it used to affect your teammates if you were playing on Teams, but this was patched) to go white (or black if they were using dark mode). The visual distortion fades over the course of the power’s activity. This will give you a clear advantage to kill them or to run away for a few seconds. Skilled players may hide in their base for a very short time and attack you even if they see almost nothing, though.

A tip when getting flash banged is to try to stay behind your tower and/or turn the brightness up. This will help reduce the time of the feeling of being blind. If you use a flashbang after someone else uses it, it removes the flash effect on your screen but still blinds the enemy player. If you and a teammate use flashbang at the same/similar time the flashbang effect will double its usual time. Many builders use this to catch their opponents off guard or use it to help advance to make more territory. Always move when you're about to get flash banged.

Recommended upgrades for this power are Player Speed (1), Bullet Speed (2), Bullet Range (3) and Reload Speed (4).


Superpower Teleport.PNG

Teleport is the sixth and last superpower in the game and gives you the ability to teleport anywhere you want, even on top of other players or enemy towers. When activating this, you will almost immediately teleport to the location of your mouse cursor (with a slight delay), so it is good to be careful when using the power. This ability can be used to enter enemy territory without alerting them by your king exterior territory walls. For example, you can hollow it out from the inside and teleport away to safety if they see you. Some players may even use it to teleport onto other players they are salty at and just want to see dead, but it is just like a normal collision: both people will die.

You can use this superpower to go to the other side of a player and place a wall, causing them to crash (you will not get any points for this). If someone is about to use teleport and place a wall on you place a tower first so they cannot place the wall. Using teleport to go behind a player and shooting them can be a gamble. Many players might have already seen you use teleport and could be baiting you. Many people have learned to have a great reaction time in this game so it could end up as a fail if you do not know how good your opponent is. A huge weakness to teleport is that you cannot move after being teleported for a split second, there is also two places where you can get hit.

There are not really any recommendations for this because there are many ways to use it. If you clear other’s bases without them noticing, you can use Player Speed (1), Bullet Speed (2), Bullet Range (3) and Reload Speed (4), or with other words, a Shooter. If you are not confident in your skill and want to use Teleport to run away from enemies, the upgrade categories Build Distance (5), Tower Shield (6) and Tower Health (7), or a Builder, can be quite helpful. In the most cases, Hybrids are the best choice.



The Superpowers are have a few changes in Experimental-FFA. The grenade Superpower is in Experimental-FFA, which it also replaces shield.