Teams is the second gamemode that was added in 1.8 on March 2, 2018. There are eight teams with a maximum of six players each, Blue, Red, Dark Green, Orange, Purple, Sky Blue, Green, and Pink. Teams are unavailable when they have too many members or >70% territory (for balance purposes).

You can chat with your teammates with an account by pressing


And view their location by pressing


Like in every other gamemode, you will die when colliding with another player, running into one of their towers, or walls or getting hit by their bullet, but not if the other player is your teammate.
To win, you need to control 80% of the map or more, which will stop your enemies from spawning. After that, you have to kill every remaining player without having the territory percentage fall below 80%. If you die, you will keep half your XP (when respawning), but every tower in a radius depending on your level around your death place will be removed.

There was a team yellow color, but this was removed in 1.13, because it was difficult to see bullets in light mode and other teammates on the minimap. Purple replaced yellow as the new color.

Official Team Rules:[]

  • 8 teams of 6 players maximum
  • Select your team at the start. No team can have more than 2 players over all of the others. A team having more than 70% of the map can't be joined.
  • All teammates share the same territory and minimap, which shows all teammates' positions.
  • You spawn randomly inside your team's territory at a reasonable distance from other players and territory (if no territory, anywhere where there is enough space).
  • Gain XP by expanding territory, destroying enemy towers, or killing players (when you kill a player, you get the XP from the towers that were broken in the explosion).
  • Die from enemy bullets, defense lines, or helicopter collision.
  • No collision with a teammate's bullets or helicopter.
  • Death will destroy your team's towers in a large circle around your death position, depending on your level.
  • Keep half of your XP when respawning.
  • Towers can be repaired (build again on top of them).
  • Select your superpower at level 20.
  • Gain 1 coin for 200 max score points (only the territory you built yourself is counted in your score).
  • Win by conquering at least 80% of the map and, killing all remaining enemy players.


1.8 March 2, 2018
  • Added Teams gamemode.
1.11 January 31, 2019
  • Splitting areas no longer remove points.
  • Merging areas gives points to the player who created the biggest area.
  • Flashbang no longer flashes teammates anymore.
1.13 September 6, 2019
  • Yellow team has been removed, replaced by purple team.
  • Team colors has been mixed.
  • Tower shield duration has been lowered a bit.
1.17 December 7, 2021
  • Teams now become unavailable at 70% instead of 50%.
  • Russia server has been removed