A Defly tournament is series of games between a number of competitors. Sometimes competitors are playing for a prize, usually coins or special Player Skins. Defly tournaments are generally played in teams, although single-game FFA E-FFA and Mega tournaments exist too but are much less common. Defuse tournaments are very rare as the first Defuse tournament was made in 2023.


  • The tournament of July 29th, 2021 is the first ever tournament to have a game crash.
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Elite Tournament Trivia[]

  • Casa Verde, now Casa Morada, has placed first or second place every year starting when they were named Casa Verde in Season 4
  • Dark Blue is the only team to change the team name every season!
  • There are four teams that have never won the teams tournament, and there are a total of 9 different colors that have been used for Elite Teams (Pink, Green, Dark Blue, Lime, Purple, Orange, Red, Sky Blue, and Dark Green)
  • There has only ever been one captain of Orange (BloodyOrange), all hail unteamer!
  • Dark Blue is the only team to have been banned from the tournament (by a pedophile)
  • Casa Verde is the only team to have captured the entire map and wipe all teams