Dual fire is another superpower in Like the previous blog post, we will explain everything about this superpower, how you should use it, etc.

What role you should use this superpower in

Personally, I think the shooter role is the best role for this superpower, since it can make it a full shooter. Shooters are supposed to kill enemies and walls, and this superpower makes it easy to break walls.

How you should use this superpower

There are some ways to use this superpower. Lets begin with going on a killing spree:

Killing spree

Going on a killing spree is good for this superpower. The challenge could be easier because of the superpower you can break tough walls easier, and enemies. Also when killing multiple bots, since they can't use power ups, you can shoot their walls with your superpower. But would that be necessary because their walls only take one hit? Well, yes. You can do it so the first one can break the wall and the second one can go through and kill.

Circling issues and shooting long walls

Lets say you're getting circled. You can't dodge because you don't have speed boost. Well, hope is not lost. Find the longest walls as soon as possible. If you find one, then shoot it from all directions, and it could bounce back to the person circling you. If they trapped you, use the superpower when breaking out no matter what. Use it, and then charge at the dot so you can break free. If the person follows you then shoot back and kill them.

Using this in teams

If you're in teams, go on a packed team and use this superpower. After you get it, lets say there are about 2-5 people all shooting a certain base. The builders keep healing the dot no matter what. None of your teammates have dual fire, which can be an issue. Since you have dual fire, use it and charge at the dot with it, and you can break the wall and someone randomly could kill the person that kept healing the wall. If you kill someone over and over, then keep doing it since you can earn coins, and it could protect your base.

A lot more has to be done here soon, so this is unfinished for now.