If you are a complete noob at FFA, maybe these tips will help. (Please note that I don't play FFA much, so this post won't give as much help as the other tips.)

Map control

Yes one of the most common things ever in the game, map control. If you get past 80%, you'll have to kill everyone in order to win. Let me explain how to get to this part...

  • 1. Build in large spaces. It will give you a lot of levels in territory. Building in open spaces would be a good choice too. Keep doing this until level 32, and we'll move on to the next step.
  • 2. Max out your points. Once you completed the first step and got to max level, max out all of your upgrades. Even though you can't level up anymore, you'll still have to build more territory. If you want to max out points in different ways, we can talk about the two roles: Builder and Shooter, and as a bonus: Hybrid.
    • Builder is the first role. You can use this to take over territory and get points easier. If you are trying to get the whole map, the recommended superpower for this role is dual fire. This is the best choice because builders don't have any good shooting stats. If you see any walls or enemies, try to let them build around you. When they are about to make a space, shoot them at the place they are coming and kill them. Then if this is an success, then you might take over the whole map.
    • Shooter is the second role. You can use this to kill enemies easier. If you want to kill all the enemies, the recommended superpower for this role is speed boost. You can use this to circle around players and shoot in their direction to kill them. If you do this for a while, you could possibly take over the whole map.
    • Hybrid is the role where you use builder and shooter together. This role has killing and building stats. Any superpower is recommended for this role because you can do anything. My recommended hybrid is 4628606. It could possibly lead you to killing all the enemies and taking over the map. And it could be a lot easier without builder and shooter alone.

Earning points

You can earn points by doing four things: Building, breaking walls, killing enemies, and walling players. Lets review these ways and how they can help you earn points:

  • Building is good if you build in large areas. Building in large areas can give you more points and levels. If you are in a place that you can barely build in, then leave the area and find an open area.
  • Breaking walls and dots can be useful for shooters. Shooting trapped walls is easier because when a wall is trapped, the tower health and shield comes off of it. Shooting outside walls can be the job for shooters and building around the area can be done for builders. Since this includes both roles, I'd say you have to be a hybrid for this strategy.
  • Killing enemies can be useful for shooters. This is one of the two ways of killing players. The best way to kill players is to kill bots (since they're easy lol.) Killing pros would be hard so you'll have to avoid them. Killing bots is an easy way to get kills. If you want upgrades, break their towers. You can tell if someones a bot if many players have this weird pattern to them. They don't build dots so close to each other, they mostly build weird shaped triangles, shoot from their base too often, etc. If you kill bots for a long time, you can get a whole bunch of points without realizing.
  • Walling players can be useful for builders. The easiest way to walls players is to use the teleport superpower. How telewalling works is: 1. Make a dot. 2. Use the teleport over the player with your dot below it. 3. Instantly make the wall and wall the player. Mostly walling players is called the clothesline, explained in the new user guide. The wall kills don't count as regular kills, but it is still useful for grinding points or in some other cases.