In order to increase the level of your copter (up to level 32 maximum), you need to gain XP (experience points).

XP bar

It is completely separate from points, although most actions award both points and XP.

XP is gained by:

  • Capturing territory (enclosing it in your walls)
  • Destroying enemy towers
  • Killing other players (Except in FFA)

Your level and the blue progress bar show how much XP you have earned, but there is no numerical indicator of how much you have. Therefore, this article defines 1 XP as the amount earned from claiming a single square of territory on the grid of the map.

You will not lose any if someone steals your territory, but you will lose half your XP when dying.

Like mentioned above, you gain 1 XP every block of the map you conquer. The amount you get for destroying towers lies between 5 and 25 XP, depending on the Tower Health. They award 5 XP per hit point, so stronger dots are worth more, but shields do not increase their value. For instance, a tower with level 0 health (1 HP) and level 8 shields would still only be worth 5 XP.

Tower Health Level Tower HP Total XP awarded
0 or 1 1 5
2 or 3 2 10
4 or 5 3 15
6 or 7 4 20
8 5 25

You need different amounts of XP in order to level up. The following table shows you how much you need for the first 7 levels and how many towers with 1 HP or 5 HP you would need to destroy to gain the necessary XP. While the column “XP” is describing the amount you need only for the specific level, “Total” tells you how much XP you need when starting from level 0.

Level XP Total 1 HP towers 5 HP towers
1 22 22 5 1
2 55 77 16 4
3 84 161 33 7
4 116 277 56 12
5 129 406 82 17
6 150 556 112 23
7 159 715 143 29

As you can see, destroying high-HP towers is a very fast way to level up, therefore it is recommended to farm them if you are at a low level. If you are trying that tactic, it is best to upgrade Reload Speed to its maximum first.

Below is a graph which shows the total XP required (and the total number of 5-HP-towers you would need to destroy) to reach the levels from 1 to 30. For the latter, you need approximately 8325 XP (based on the above definition of 1 grid square = 1 XP. Of course, we don't know what actual underlying values the game is using).

XP graph